Meraki Studio Madrid | Studio
Meraki Studio Madrid se crea a partir de una fusión entre el diseño de interiores y la decoración. Las propuestas, al igual que los objetos de la tienda, plasman esta idea. También nos gusta mezclar lo moderno y lo tradicional para crear ambientes muy personales.
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About the studio

Meraki Studio Madrid was founded in 2017 by Ana Fidalgo. It builds the perfect fusion between interior design and decoration. The projects, like the objects of the store, are aiming to realize this idea. We love to mix traditional and modern facets to create personal environments.

The studio carries works from beginning to end, thinking down to the smallest detail. We believe that functionality needs to be present in every aspect of all the projects.

Our team

“We believe in multidisciplinary teams in order to create something wonderful.

We work hand in hand with professionals from different sectors to ensure to create the best results for our clients.

We value the fact of being curious because it continuously makes us learn and grow.

We like to travel, visit fairs and other shops to get inspired and find special pieces that enrich our projects or the store”.