Alanda table


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The Alanda coffee table, an iconic piece that opened in the 80s, has been reissued in homage to Paolo Piva. Alanda is one of the most representative design objects of an era full of strong and bold stylistic signs, which often dialogue with architecture, of which design replicated virtuosity in miniature. Alanda’s lattice, at the same time pedestal and support of the board, reminds precisely of a group of inverted pyramids, a geodesic structure that always characterized it as if it were a magical object, catalyst of positive energy. Alanda ’18 is proposed with an extra light glass top.

  • Measures

    120 x 120 cm

  • Materials

    Steel and glass

  • Origin

    Paolo Piva. Reissued by B&B in 2018

  • Cares

    Clean with products suitable for the material.